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If you've owned a car in Orange County for longer than a few years, you probably know how quickly your headlights can get yellowed and foggy. Too often, vehicle owners go much longer than they should without mobile headlight restoration services for their cars and their headlights can get to be pretty dull. Luckily, Just Head-Lites is here to help! We are the Orange County pros when it comes to mobile headlight restoration and our team is committed to enhancing the beauty of your car's headlights for less than what a replacement would cost. And with our mobile service, we come to you, so you don't have to worry about driving or making an appointment on time. Call us today if your headlights are in need of some TLC!

Headlight Restoration Promotes Safety & Beauty

Just Head-Lites is the name to know when your headlights grow faded and foggy. Neglected headlights make it hard for you to see while it's dark or rainy, and these times are when they should be working at their best and brightest! If you settle for faded, yellowed-over headlights, you could be settling for dangerous environments, not to mention an unsightly vehicle.

We are the specialists in headlight restoration for Orange County, and we want every vehicle owner in the area to be confident that their car headlights are in the best shape possible. Clear headlights that have been restored by our special system work better and our results last longer than results you would get with a DIY kit. If your headlights are:

  • Hazy or cloudy
  • Yellow
  • Peeling
  • Aren't letting light through
  • Preventing you from seeing at night or in the rain

Then you definitely need to give Just Head-Lites a call soon. We'll come to you with our mobile services and in just 1-2 hour's time, you'll get fresh-looking, like-new headlights. We sand off old layers of UV protection and replace it with our long-lasting formula that will keep your headlights looking clearer longer so you can drive with pride and the feeling of safety all the time. Our cloudy headlight repair services will ensure that you car looks great and works the way it should.

Why Headlights Get Hazy

When a car is manufactured, its headlights are layered with protective UV coatings to ensure the surface is safeguarded against damage from sunlight, rain, and other elements. However, as time passes, this coating will fade, exposing the plastic underneath to the aforementioned damaging elements. If you don't work quickly to get your headlights restored by a professional like Just Head-Lites, they could become so damaged that a replacement might be necessary.

At the first sign of your headlights fading or getting hazy, call on us! Our 1-2 hour system consists of us getting rid of any old UV protection coatings and preparing the surface for our special Clear Coat UV layer that will last longer and look better on your car. Don't settle for unattractive, foggy headlights-- get clear, like-new headlights with your restoration pros at Just Head-Lites.

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