Frequently Asked Headlight Restoration Questions - Answered By Just Head-Lites

When it comes to headlight restoration in Orange County, there's only one name to know, and that name is Just Head-Lites. We are the team dedicated to providing you with clear, like-new headlights that offer you the utmost safety when driving at night or in the rain. With our cloudy headlight repair services and more, your headlights will be restored to their original state so you won't have to worry about yellowing or foggy lights that could create a dangerous environment while driving.

The following are just a few of our most asked questions when it comes to our services, but if you've got a question not listed here, don't hesitate to give us a call!

What Are The Benefits Of Restoring My Headlights?

There are a number of benefits that come along with headlight restoration. First and foremost, getting a headlight restoration service from our pros at Just Head-Lites will improve the look of your car. Many people don't realize the dramatic difference freshly restored headlights can make in the overall appearance of your vehicle. We can take them from yellow and foggy to clean and clear in no time, giving your car a fresh new look.

Headlight restoration will also make it safer for you to drive at night or in the rain. Foggy headlights mean it's harder for the light to pass through them, making it more difficult for you to see when more light would be useful. When you trust Just Head-Lites with your headlight restoration services, we'll make sure your headlights are in a safe working condition so you can feel confident driving whether the sun is out or not.

What's Different From Using Your Service Versus A DIY Headlight Restoration Kit?

Using a DIY headlight restoration kit might seem like a better option than working with a professional like Just Head-Lites because they're cheaper. But DIY kits can be complicated, especially if you've never used one before, and they won't give you the same results that working with a professional would offer. When you work with a professional to get clean, better-working headlights, you'll be saving yourself time and grief, as well as more money down the road. Our results last, and if they don't, we'll re-restore your headlights for free. You'll have to use a DIY kit multiple times to get the same results we could get you in one service!

Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Just Head-Lites warranties our work against defects in material or workmanship with a 2-year guarantee. If you experience any yellowing or peeling on headlights we have restored, we will re-restore the defective headlight without charge. This warranty applies as long as you own or lease the vehicle and is not transferable. This warranty does not cover cracks or internal discoloration.

How Long Can I Expect Your Headlight Restoration Treatment To Last?

We guarantee our headlight treatment for 2 years. If the treatment fades and your headlights turn yellow or foggy once more, we'll restore them again for free.

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